Campaign of the Month

Segmentation and clear messaging delivered 60% open-rate

Brand Events maintained enthusiasm for upcoming Radio Times Festival and increased the potential for additional revenue with targeted emails.

Brand: Radio Times Festival (by Brand Events)
Brand Events are committed to achieving excellence but having fun at the same time. They work with large companies such as BBC for The Top Gear Festival.
Developed by: Nathalie Sigston 

Campaign details

Subject line: New sessions added to Sunday at the Radio Times Festival!
Open: 60%
Clicks: 36% of opened


Who is the campaign targeted at?

The email was sent to customers who had pre-booked their tickets for the Sunday show.


  • inform customers about sessions that have been confirmed for the day they had booked
  • entice them to purchase more tickets for additional days or attendees

What makes this a performing campaign?

As the event was about three months’ away at the time the campaign was sent, Brand Events wanted to maintain the level of excitement of the people who had already booked tickets to the Radio Times Festival. And what better way to do that than share information about the celebrities and sessions that have been confirmed?

But in order to make sure that the message was relevant, clear and targeting the right audience, the agency took ‘thank you’ emails to the next level. They approached Adestra’s Digital Design team for a fresh email template that would convey their message quickly and clearly, regardless of the device.

Brand Events also used segmentation to separate customers based on which tickets they had purchased. Using the robust template built by the Digital Design team, they were able to amend the content in-house to create separate campaigns detailing confirmed guests for each day of the Radio Times Festival. They then matched each of those campaigns with the contacts who had booked tickets for that particular day.

The results

The targeted strategy achieved fantastic results. The subject line captured the attention of the receivers straight away as it was specific to the event and day they had booked. Its success can be seen in the fabulous 60% open rate.

As the message was of specific interest to the receivers, and delivered clearly in a mobile responsive template, it also attracted an amazing 36% click-to-open rate. In fact, 57% of the people who clicked-through were interested in the session at the bottom, which shows they were exposed to the whole email. Also, 19% of the clicks were also attracted by the ‘Book your tickets here’ call-to-action, showing the potential for additional revenue.

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