Campaign of the Month

Thinking outside the (in)box with Fuel Card Services’ take on Valentine’s Day

This campaign demonstrates how any company can take advantage of seasonality to surprise and engage their subscribers, boosting results in the process. 

Brand: Fuel Card Services
Designed and developed by: Natalie Brinkley

Campaign details

Subject line: Roses are red, Violets are blue, our great prices will benefit you!
41% uplift in opens
90% uplift in clicks


What data was used?

Fuel Card Services’ main subscriber list.


  • Take part in current seasonal trends to increase engagement

What makes this a performing campaign?

Taking part in seasonal events and using animation doesn’t come easy to all brands. What do you do to create enthusiasm and engagement when the products you sell are not as exciting as the latest tech gadget or on-trend fashion item? Fuel Card Services didn’t let that deter them. As advised and encouraged by their Adestra Account Manager, the company created an enticing campaign for Valentine’s Day which included an on-brand animation and a straightforward message.

The theme of the email is obvious straight away – starting with the subject line ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue, our great prices will benefit you!’. Upon opening, the customer is greeted by the offer of ‘filling their fuel tank for less’ and an animated image of a fuel gauge filling up a heart icon as the indicator goes up.

The theme is complemented by a dedicated landing page with an animated beating heart, where contacts can fill in a form to start saving money on their fuel.

The Results

By breaking the mold and taking part in a seasonal event with a fun, clear message and visuals, Fuel Card Services has seen encouraging results. The subject line boosted their opens by 41% compared to their overall average.

The content successfully engaged those who opened, as this campaign had an uplift of 90% in clicks compared to the previous one which didn’t use animation in the email. In addition, the form abandonment rate also reduced by 12.5% on the landing page.

This campaign demonstrates that any company can take advantage of seasonal events and dynamic content with the right, on-brand approach.

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