Campaign of the Month

Using advanced personalization to delight customers

Providing a truly personal experience in emails and achieved outstanding results.

Internet Retailing provided a truly personal experience in their emails and achieved outstanding results.

Company name: Internet Retailing
Designed and developed by: Cristina Melenchon

Campaign details

Subject line: Your personalised itinerary for IRX 2014
Open: 51%
Click: 33% of opened


What data was used?

List of registrants to the Internet Retailing Expo March 2014, taking place in Birmingham.


  • Maximize attendance
  • Ensure registrants understand the full value of the event
  • Maximize workshop signups

What makes this a performing campaign?

The email stays true to its objective starting with the subject line ‘Your personalised itinerary for IRX 2014’. This works on several levels:

  • Gives a strong incentive for the receiver to open by being timely and specific
  • Makes the receiver feel valued because they are receiving a personalized service
  • Conveys the helpful and informative nature of the sender – like having a personal assistant helping you focus on what’s important

The email looks like is sent from a real person rather than a company. This makes it feel more like a one-on-one communication.

The email content was designed to offer the greatest value to each recipient. During the registration process, some carefully selected questions helped to establish registrants’ interests. Going further than the standard ‘Hi Frank’ or ‘Dear Steve’, they used content automation in the email to show a list of exhibitors and workshops in the sectors and areas of interest.  They also pulled the badge number needed for attending the event.

The Geo-Tracking Report in MessageFocus showed that 98% of the event registrants would have to travel from outside Birmingham to attend. Therefore, to encourage attendance and provide a nice touch of customer service, Internet Retailing also included a link to booking discounted, advanced train tickets.

The results

The subject line was relevant and caught the attention of the recipients, achieving a fantastic 51% open rate. The email stayed true to the value promised in the subject line. Using automated, personalized content, Internet Retailing successfully engaged their registrants. The click-to-open rate was an outstanding 33%.

The ‘Show Highlights’ section at the bottom achieved a considerable number of clicks, showing that recipients were reading right through the email. And the link to book advanced train tickets received 11% of total clicks. So, campaign engagement was high.

The Heatmap in MessageFocus showed that one in five openers clicked to book workshops. Overall, the campaign achieved its objectives – engaging recipients and encouraging attendance.

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