Marketing Technology – One Size Does Not Fit All

Marketing Cloud VS Customised Marketing Stack

As customer expectations evolve, marketers need to deal with burgeoning amounts of data. At the same time, those marketers need to create more content to satisfy customer demand and distribute that content across an ever-increasing number of channels. All the while, reducing manual processes and delivering a personalized experience.

But for customers to get high quality, personalized experiences, systems and processes can’t exist in isolation – marketers need to join the dots. If you listen to some of the larger technology vendors, they would suggest that this simply can’t be achieved without an integrated platform to handle every aspect of your marketing. As marketing leaders are learning however, such solutions are not always suitable, are often inflexible, can be comparatively expensive (especially if underutilized) and can prove hard to move away from.

In this paper, we’ll give you pointers for auditing your current systems, for determining your own marketing technology needs, then give you recommendations for planning and deploying a customized marketing stack.

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