Take a Sneak Peak into our Upcoming Training Webinars on our TEM Solution

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Want to know a little more about the topics we will be discussing in our upcoming training webinars? Our TEM solution training webinars dive deep into the different features on our Telecom Expense Management Solution. You will learn all the best tips and tricks to get the most out of Upland Cimpl for your organization.  

Our first topic was an Overview of Upland Cimpl. We reviewed key features that help your organization save time, money, and keep an accurate inventory, to better manage your enterprise digital footprint

Coming up in TEM Training Webinars Sneak Peak into our Upcoming Training Webinars Solution

    1. Dispute Management – was all about sharing best practices on how to track discrepancies all the way to resolution and credit receivables to help eliminate late payment fees and collect credits faster
    2. Payment Readiness – will allow you to keep track of payments and associated invoices. Payment readiness can help you with vendor management. With this capability, , all supplier invoices are set up in a grid, giving you greater visibility into your expenses. You can also search and filter through your payments either by provider, by invoice period or by payment details, providing insight to how much money you owe, to who, and most importantly, when.   
    3. Launching Upland Cimpl – giving you the best practices on deploying Upland Cimpl into your company. May 7 at 2:00PM ESTThis Webinar will show you what you should be thinking about and doing prior to launching Upland Cimpl company-wide, as well as how to configure catalogs for the full self-service experience!  
    4. Service Contracts  implementing new service contracts . June 4 at 2:00PM EST. Have you recently renegotiated a contractor rate plan with your provider? We will show you how to enter new service contract information in Upland Cimpl, as well as how to update your services. 
    5. New Feature – stay tuned to explore a brand-new Upland Cimpl capability with us . July 9 at 2:00PM EST. At the moment, it’s still a secret – but we plan on releasing it during  May 2020.  
    6. Dashboards – a deep dive into Upland Cimpl’s Dashboards. August 6 at 2:00PM EST. What are some of the best practices when it comes to creating and configuring dashboards? Are you taking full advantage of the dashboards that are available to you?   
    7. Executive Analytics Report – September 3 at 2:00PM EST. Find out the best practices on how to use the executive analytics report, and we will go in an in depth explanation of the tool. 
    8. New capability – October 1 at 2:00PM EST. Discover another new capability of the solution with us. At the moment, this capability is still a secret, but it will be in the latest release!  
    9. Rules – how to configure and manage rules. November 5 at 2:00PM. How to configure rules, best practices and how to use the Rules Analysis report. 
    10. 2020 in review – a look at what was covered throughout the year starting with our overview of Upland Cimpl, all the way to the most recent how to configure rules, including new capabilities that were added  throughout 2020 We take a look at everything!   

Want more information on Telecom Expense Management? Contact us! We would love to hear from you.  


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