Clickability Launches New User Interface

Clickability has announced this morning a new and improved user interface for their SaaS (software-as-a-service) web content management system.

According to the press release, Clickability’s new UI allows them to offer the following benefits:

  • More Control for Marketers and Content Authors: An intuitive visual environment allows marketers and content authors to more easily edit web page layouts and templates without the help of IT, while in-context editing lets them rapidly create and update content. As a result, they have more control over website presentation and the ability to provide rich, impactful content experiences.
  • Increased Marketing Agility: Design aesthetics have been separated from content and layout, allowing users to independently update designs, layout, and content on the fly with no expensive customizations required. Users are not locked into their design choices and are liberated to swiftly implement new marketing initiatives.
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