What is call accounting?

Call accounting, also known as telecom expense management, has been around for decades. And Upland ComSci has been there since the early 70s. We initially worked with clients to track and control wireline telecommunications. Our solution has evolved along with the evolution of the telecom environment, from wired to wireless. Telecom can be one of the largest expenses for an organization. Managing this expense and tracking usage are imperative for any organization wanting to positively impact its bottom line, protect against fraudulent activities, and drive sales and marketing ROI.

Why Upland ComSci for call accounting?

Since the 1970s, Upland ComSci has provided leading-edge offerings for call accounting detail processing and financial report generation.

For telecom departments, accurately charging back voice expenses is critical. Yet collecting the necessary data, allocating the expenses, and delivering internal call accounting information are all time-consuming, labor-intensive, and non-strategic processes.

For help streamlining and simplifying, turn to Upland ComSci. We provide leading-edge offerings for call detail processing and financial report generation. ComSci has continued to strategically invest in call detail recording (CDR) processing, call accounting, and chargeback services. Today, we have the systems, staff expertise, customer focus, and responsiveness to support our customers’ global CDR processing requirements.

Upland ComSci also has an extensive background in collecting, processing and providing visibility for our customers into their 3rd party wireless, landline and communications vendors such as:

  • All US Based Wireless Provides (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, etc.)
  • VoIP Meeting and Communications Providers such as BlueJeans Video Conferencing, Lync, Skype, WebEx, Biba, Arkadan and Intercall etc.
  • Circuit and Landline information from Verizon, ATT, Global Crossing and Level 3
  • Corporate Cable Account information for Cablevision, Verizon Fios and Time Warner
  • International 3rd party providers such as Vodafone, TelMex, etc.
  • All US pager providers

Instant Access

Whether delivered as a stand-alone service or as an adjunct to our call accounting services, Upland ComSci’s Instant Access offering provides you with a powerful real-time capture and search facility of all calls recorded on multiple private branch exchange (PBX) and VoIP systems.When a call is placed, the details (destination, duration, calling extension, etc.) are transferred to Upland ComSci’s web-based Instant Access module, which enables the viewing of real-time call detail records.

A simple to use search screen provides instantaneous access to your data – what calls were placed to a particular number, from a particular extension, on a particular day, over a particular trunk group and so on. Use the module to generate detail or summary exception reports of long duration calls, international calls – the possibilities are endless. The system may be used for traffic engineering purposes, compliance monitoring, fraud or abuse detection, etc.

Key Attributes
  • Real-time access to call detail
  • Fraud alarms and emergency alerts
  • Notification and management of abuse and misuse
  • Call logging for corporate security purposes

Why call accounting with IT Financial Management?

Customers who leverage both will be able to capture and provide visibility to the total cost of ownership of IT and communications-based expenses. Armed with that information, Upland ComSci customers are then able to properly chargeback those expenses to their internal consumers.

By subscribing to Upland ComSci’s call accounting service, our customers eliminate the otherwise time and labor intensive, non-strategic costs associated with data collection, expense allocation, and internal information delivery functions.

Learn how you can manage telecom expense, track usage, protect against fraudulent activities, and drive sales and marketing ROI.