Live access to real-time data on the cost and usage of cloud systems, decision-makers can monitor, report, and act quickly to make responsible decisions relating to cloud utilization. Small and large enterprises alike will benefit from data-driven insights to control costs and chargeback across the organization.

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Visibility and Control

Configure reports and dashboards unique to your business needs, and deliver succinct information to key stakeholders. Quickly get to the heart of the data and capture deep insight into cost drivers and trends, with real time drill down.

Automated Information Sharing

Keep your team on the same page with automated reporting. Regularly scheduled email reports can be sent to anyone across the organization for transparent communication about utilization and cost.

Big Data Made Simple

A solution designed with the business leader in mind, the clean, easy-to-understand interface makes it easy to find information within moments—no database expert needed. Removing unnecessary or redundant information and getting to the heart of the data has never been easier.

Understand How Reserved Instances Are Being Used

Easily access detailed information about reserved instance capacity and utilization to optimize usage, without experiencing cost overruns. Maximize productivity and cost savings while keeping an eye on the bottom line.


Modernize Your TBM Systems

Organizations who strive to become accountable to the cost of IT and shared services need to modernize their existing technology business management (TBM) infrastructure. Watch this webinar on demand and learn the key success factors to a successful financial management strategy.

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Webinar: Modernizing your TBM systems