Your corporate financial systems will only take you so far

With ComSci, you’re able to provide financials in a manner consistent with the products and services that you deliver to LOB managers, as well as a consumption-based Bill of IT.

Though your company may have already invested in IBM’s Cognos, SAP’s Business Objects or Oracle’s Hyperion, the ComSci ITFM tool is specifically designed to help IT run more like a business.

We get it. Every organization needs a corporate financial reporting system. Yet, we often see IT organizations struggle to achieve their financial goals with just the information from a corporate reporting system. This is where ComSci comes in. Let’s compare corporate reporting system capabilities to the value a CIO receives from ComSci’s packaged solution.

Of Course, Corporate Reporting Systems are Needed

Corporate reporting systems provide the capability to consolidate corporate budgets, P&L, balance sheet and financial management reporting with sub-modules that handle CAPEX planning and some project reporting. The value these corporate reporting systems provide is the ability to manage your IT budgets, forecasts and actuals by IT department and expense type. Unfortunately, they do not provide financials in a manner consistent with the products and services that IT delivers to their internal customers — the line of business managers. They also do not provide the line of business managers with a consumption-based “bill of services” that allows business managers to understand the IT services they consume and if those IT services effectively align with their business objectives.

Why use ComSci with Corporate Reporting Systems?

ComSci integrates well with corporate reporting systems. Our customers often roll up their IT budget to corporate reporting systems like Hyperion, Cognos or SAP. However, these systems fall short in their ability to provide value to CIOs that “run IT like a business.” Every business owner wants to understand the cost of the products and services they deliver to their customers. ComSci provides this visibility to the CIO, the business owner of IT. With ComSci, you’ll focus solely on the successful outcomes of IT. Your conversations with the line of business owners will become more strategic and less tactical.

With our visual, easy-to-use, out-of-the-box reporting utility, CIOs will have deep visibility into product costs, unit costs, business unit demand and application TCO arming the CIO with information that will help drive down unit cost and ensure the most cost effective services are delivered to meet the customer’s business goals.

With ComSci, you’ll focus solely on the successful outcomes of IT and change the conversation with the line of business managers from “why is IT so expensive” to “how can IT help me meet my business goals?”

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