Data Management

Data Acquisition, Normalization, and Validation

ComSci’s data management capabilities facilitate the process to acquire, normalize and validate the data for upload into our cloud-based enterprise application. All data is scheduled for receipt and transmission to our secure hosted data and service centers through a fully automated and supported process. Our customers do not need to be involved in handling the data sources as our data management capabilities act as the single point of data consolidation across various IT and financial systems. Auditing and scheduling controls ensure the integrity of the source data.

Key Attributes

  • Automated, scalable and secure data acquisition process
  • Audit controls with variance and missing data alerts
  • Mitigates errors with manual data handling
  • Allows for the most detailed level of data available thereby providing further insight into cost drivers and demand for IT Services

Real Time Information

ComSci’s data management capabilities also enable customers to get real-time reporting from both a costing perspective as well as supporting the consumption management and demand planning process. Monthly IT product and service profit and loss statements can be generated to provide the IT Executives with insights into their over/under allocation allowing proactive initiatives to be implemented immediately before the budget becomes unmanageable.

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