Financial World of Information Technology Show Recap

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Conferences hosted by the IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA) are loaded with educational tracks delivered by ITFM Practitioners and Professionals covering all aspects of the ITFM Profession ranging from IT planning, to tool selection, to data management and beyond. We at Upland Software highly recommend and encourage ITFM Practitioners to attend these shows. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, the ITFMA Events offer a wide variety of educational and working sessions providing information and learning for all.

This year, we had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Financial World of Information Technology conference in New Orleans. As everyone knows, New Orleans has always been a fun town to visit, add an ITFMA Event to that, and you have a win-win!

The 2019 conference ran from Monday, April 15th (Tax Day) through Friday April 19th and was hosted at the historical Hotel Monteleone located on Royal Street in the heart of New Orleans. The entire week was full of amazing content, great presentations and exciting new insights into the world of ITFM. Attendees were able to hear firsthand from their peers, how organizations are overcoming challenges in the world of IT Financial management. They also had the opportunity to attend working sessions on best practices, and see new and exciting tool options for helping organizations achieve success. The best part of all, was having the unique opportunity to network with ITFM Practitioners to discuss ideas and solutions.

Our own resident IT Financial Management expert Robert J Bracco (Director of Customer Success-Product Marketing) was at the show and presented two educational tracks for attendees focusing on the marriage of IT Financial Management and Project Portfolio Management (PPM), as well as the importance of the two practices.

In case you missed the show, here are the highlights of Bob’s sessions which focused on the following trending topics:

  • How to develop an integrated approach to IT Financial and Project Portfolio Management Focused on the practice of integrating both ITFM and PPM into a single unified solution to achieve maximum value and drive change within any organization.
  • Going Beyond Transparency with an expert driven approach to IT Financial Management Showcased best practices in ITFM while also demonstrating Upland’s Project and Financial Management Solution Suite to attendees.

In Summary

We had the opportunity to meet with over 100 attendees at the show and speak with both newcomers to the ITFM Profession seeking knowledge in the industry, as well as sensed vets who have “been there-done that.” We look forward to seeing everyone at the next 2019 Financial World of Information Technology conference in San Antonio from July 15th through July 19th!

Want to Lean More?

To learn more about an integrated approach to IT Financial Management and Project Portfolio Management, read our White Paper “Combining ITFM and PPM: Attaining the Right Answers to Get Ahead.”


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