Too Good To Be True

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You know that feeling. Something amazing just happened to you out of the blue. You’re happy, but all of a sudden, you become suspicious. It seems too good to be true.

One of our relatively new customers, CN Rail, let us know a few months into our partnership that our initial pitch to them around ComSci seemed “almost too good to be true.” Although they were excited, our delivery model seemed to be a much better option than what any of the other ITFM/TBM vendors could provide. Yes, we chuckled when we heard this “too good to be true” feedback, but we also wanted to be sure to address the comments.

We get it. It is hard to accept that we could provide a much better model than any other vendor in our space. It’s not too good to be true though. It’s the truth.

Don’t take our word for it though, and certainly don’t listen to what those other vendors say or even analysts that often don’t have full line of sight to everything we provide. Listen to our customers.

Although our offering may appear similar to other vendors, what makes ComSci unique and different is our approach to the delivery model. A successful ITFM/TBM offering requires a diligent process around managing the data. Unfortunately, most software companies put that onus, and the staffing required to do it, back on you. Think: time and money.

ComSci is different. We manage the entire process (i.e., data acquisition, normalization, validation, business rules, etc.) so you can focus on the business outcomes (i.e., the information we deliver) while we focus on the “dirty and mundane work” (i.e., managing the data and production process). You’ll also receive the assurance that the information you’re looking at and using is fact-based data. You could call it our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our delivery model eliminates your dependency on staffing and is one of the primary reasons why we have the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates in the ITFM/TBM marketplace. Plus, our customers achieve value from our implementation faster than they would with any other option.

CN Rail made the right choice. Jean-Francois Boudreau, Senior Manager of IT Finance at CN Rail shared many kind words in a recent case study, “With ComSci, we could ask for best practice advice around not only the implementation but also the entire solution. We got a good gut feeling for both the technical and advisory aspect of the implementation before even signing on the dotted line. It sparked the beginning of a trusting and dependable partnership.”

Give us a call anytime – and we’ll help you make the right choice as well.

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