Case Study

University of Alberta Lowers IT Costs and Demonstrates Its Value to the Business

With ComSci, the University of Alberta’s technology department gained unprecedented visibility into its IT costs and enabled them to identify opportunities for improvement. IT teams have rationalized their organization and are well on their way to meeting their objective of reducing end-user support costs by 11% over two years.

To understand cost structure and drivers, make sound management decisions, and demonstrate their value to the organization, the technology team built a cost model in Excel. It provided a detailed look at the costs involved in certain services, but the tool was unstable, cumbersome, and hard to maintain. Plus, it did not correlate with the data in other systems they used, undermining its credibility.

Upland ComSci IT Financial Management (ITFM) software stood out in the marketplace for UAlberta due to its comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that includes managed services. As well as providing Service Costing, IT Planning, and Cloud Cost Management modules, ComSci’s team of experts functions as an extension of UAlberta’s local team.

Upland ComSci is fantastic to work with. They’ve become a partner to us and have helped significantly reduce our costs by 8% in end-user support and 25% in domain management. Upland ComSci has helped us to demonstrate value and conduct more informed conversations within IST and with our clients.

– Cheryl Earle, Director of Finance, Administration and Human Resources, IST, University of Alberta.

The ComSci ITFM product gave UAlberta’s IST department unprecedented visibility into their IT costs and enabled them to identify opportunities for savings. They are now seen as a valued partner and a driver of value to the business.

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