Eclipse PPM for Healthcare

Helping Healthcare Stay Nimble

The healthcare IT industry is one that demands timely education and knowledge in order to investigate and resolve high priority issues. Healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals, must adopt a ‘nimble’ approach to effectively balance work assignments. Workload can often be driven by demands from government sources, and projects are typically in a range of departmental areas — from IT, to administration, to a clinical setting. Add the multi-department nature of healthcare facilities, and you’ve got an increased potential for project risks and challenges.

Healthcare Challenges

  • Project Visibility and Centralization
  • Intake, Selection and Prioritization
  • Adhering to Industry Regulations and Guidelines
  • Access to Critical Data When its Needed
  • Meeting Stringent Security and Privacy Regulations
  • Managing Operational and Project Based Commitments
  • Visibility into Resources
  • Limited or Decreasing Budgets and Resources
  • Resistance to Technology
  • Operating Under the Affordable Care Act

Our Solution

Eclipse PPM delivers a simplified project and resource management system that allows organizations to leverage cost saving tools now, delivering instant business value, while providing a low-risk approach to scale as they grow.



  • Configurable dashboards and reports make for more visibility and easier reporting
  • Do your resource planning and tracking as histogram or in a drill-down, tabular format
  • Fast implementations get you up, running, and ready to go in 30 days
  • Access every feature from an easy-to-use user interface
  • Refresh data on demand with our Excel add-in

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