Eclipse PPM for PMOs

Relieving the Pressures for PMOs

Project failure can bring enormous pressure to Project Portfolio Management for PMO’s. In addition to project success, PMOs also have to deliver value to a variety of customers with varying needs. Executives want to ensure the right projects are being done in alignment with strategic objectives. Team members want efficient tools and simple processes. PMs want visibility into critical project insights so they can make decisions more accurately and with agility. All the while, project budgets continue to decrease, and the battle for resources continues. Eclipse PPM helps PMOs remove barriers and drive positive change throughout the organization to meet the needs of every stakeholder.

PMO Challenges

  • Little or No Strategic Alignment
  • Lack of Resources
  • Project Portfolio Visibility
  • Inadequate Collaboration Tools
  • Proving PMO Value
  • Limited or Decreasing Budgets
  • Resistance to Change
  • Disconnected Project Data

Our Solution

Eclipse PPM delivers a simplified project and resource management system that allows organizations to leverage cost saving tools now, delivering instant business value, while providing a low-risk approach to scale as they grow.



  • Real-time portfolio, project, and resource information at your fingertips
  • All project and portfolio information in one place
  • Better align projects with corporate objectives
  • Evaluate project and portfolio performance at anytime
  • Determine your capacity to take on more work

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