Eclipse PPM Integration Overview

A complementary way of managing information by leveraging RESTful API services and the Eclipse PPM business-layer codebase to simplify the centralization of information

APIs provide an automated, programmatic way to refresh and maintain data within two software solutions/databases. APIs eliminate the need for an admin or a power user to copy and paste data extracts between systems by establishing the parameters for those systems to share data without human intervention.

Each API represents a secure point of access to a particular business entity in Eclipse PPM such as a Project, Issue, Risk, Custom Report, and other relevant entities that these might be linked to. The API can create, retrieve, update, and delete most of the principal Eclipse PPM business entities. This API provides fine-grained retrieval and modification mechanisms, as well as bulk retrieval of data for possible future storage of the information in data warehouses.

Microsoft Project Integration

Eclipse PPM provides two distinct methods of importing existing schedules from MS Project. One method will convert the MS Project schedule to use the Eclipse scheduling logic, which makes it possible to manage and update the schedule within Eclipse. The second method imports the schedule in read-only mode, which preserves the MS Project scheduling logic. This latter mode is especially useful in environments where the project managers wish to continue to develop and manage their detailed schedules in MS Project and they can do so, and by synchronizing these schedules on a periodic basis with Eclipse, senior management and resource reporting requirements can still be met.

Eclipse can support data imports/updates using APIs for the following entities:

  • Projects (including notes and status updates)
  • Users and Resources
  • Financial Data
  • Time Entry data

Eclipse PPM does provide a library of API services out of the box. The following entities are supported:

  • Project
  • Resource
  • User
  • Resource Allocation and Tracking
  • Status Updates
  • Notes
  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Tasks
  • Time Tracking data

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