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Trust is a huge factor in the world of apps, integrations, and extensions—especially for those that have access to your customer information. It’s why Upland InGenius is proud to announce that our computer telephony integration (CTI) for ServiceNow is now officially Built On Now certified! But what does this mean for new buyers, and why should you care?

What is a ServiceNow Built On Now App?

Built On Now applications have undergone the most rigorous testing and review cycles, giving them the highest designation of trustworthiness granted by ServiceNow. Built On Now ensures platform security and performance are upheld to the highest standards and gives buyers peace of mind knowing that the app they are purchasing is built to perform specifically within the ServiceNow platform.

These robust business tools essentially serve as an extension of ServiceNow, bringing additional features, functionality, and value into the platform instead of a separate, 3rd-party application. The entire application and all its benefits are experienced through ServiceNow.

ServiceNow app dashboard

Advanced Work Assignment ready, InGenius brings call handling controls and caller insights into the ServiceNow Agent Workspace for more efficient and effective conversations

It’s this tight alignment with the core architecture of ServiceNow that makes Built On Now applications so valuable to customers. A trusted ServiceNow partner of 5 years, InGenius is proud to unlock this new achievement and to continue delivering value to customers like Booz Allen Hamilton.

“The ability to configure their product via the systems administration interface as well as the ability to customize CTI-driven workflows into ServiceNow is top notch. I highly recommend this product to others.” Dan Blacker, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton

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Why Should I Care If A ServiceNow App is Built On Now?

While there are tons of useful applications and integrations the ServiceNow store, being officially Built On Now is important for a few different reasons.

Built On Now is a sure sign that a product being offered in the ServiceNow Store will integrate seamlessly with your ServiceNow platform and that implementation will be swift and seamless. When a product is Built On Now, it pushes forward the mission of ServiceNow to create better work experiences for everyone by simplifying how things work.

Users of Built On Now applications like InGenius get to enjoy the following benefits:

1) Single Pane of Glass to Work From: Your employees – whether they be in customer support, IT, sales, or HR – access and use Built On Now apps like InGenius via your ServiceNow platform. This means all sign-ins are protected by the same authentication and security measures that you have in place for ServiceNow, and the app is used in the flow of work. So instead of juggling multiple screens, applications, phones, and devices – your ServiceNow users get to work from a single pane of glass within the ServiceNow Agent Workspace and focus exclusively on the conversations at hand.

2) 360° View of Employee Interactions: Boost your ServiceNow reporting and business visibility with pre-built, customizable reports. Fully integrated apps like computer telephony integration from InGenius pull your telephony data into ServiceNow alongside other critical datapoints for advanced reporting and analytics. Supervisors and business leaders get a 360-degree view of agent interactions and detailed telephony data, all from within the ServiceNow platform. This consolidated view provides an instant snapshot of your team’s performance and makes for crystal-clear business decision making. Talk to us about our pre-built, customizable reports for ServiceNow today!

Supervisor Dashboard

As a Built On Now app, InGenius pulls call data into ServiceNow using pre-built reports and dashboards for deep business insights

Work Better Through ServiceNow With InGenius

InGenius CTI for ServiceNow equips your contact center agents, IT helpdesk, HR team, and salespeople with the call handling tools they need to provide more personalized and efficient service right from within your ServiceNow environment. Advanced ServiceNow reporting on your telephony data gives you the insights you need to make the best decisions for your team and the business.

Talk to us about bringing your Avaya, Cisco, or Genesys telephony systems into ServiceNow using InGenius – a trusted Built On Now application. InGenius is the only Built On Now application with over 20 years of computer telephony integration experience. Our team of dedicated CTI experts work with organizations to extend the functionality of your ServiceNow environment and amplify the value of your technology investments. Backed by the power of Upland Software, InGenius is a strategic partner to organizations across in a wide variety of industries including financial service, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, government, higher education, and more.

Connect with an expert to learn more about our productivity-enhancing tools for ServiceNow today!

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