Turn Your Logged Calls into Reporting Gold

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Not only can computer telephony integration, or “CTI”, improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce costs, it can actually influence many parts of your company.

When you integrate calls into your CRM, you get lots of raw data to work with. You might be wondering, so what? Well, you can take that data and create reports to generate information that helps make informed business decisions.

Cool idea, right? I know it might be daunting trying to figure out where to start, but it’s easier than it sounds.

The first step is to build the critical contact center reports that will enable you to measure and manage your contact center performance. With InGenius integrating telephony and CRM data, access to these reports is immediate instead of having to wait for the batch reports generated by your telephony team.

Then, take your data-driven decision making to the next level. CTI enables insights into a whole new world of customer behavior.

What reports can I build?

Some of the ways our customers are currently using reports include:

Customer Success

  • Self-Service Usage: Looking at a call results report, you can see the reasons why customers are calling in. Maybe they’re looking for information that’s readily available in your online self-service options, or for information that isn’t online. This helps determine if you have a gap in your online services and can spark initiatives like customer outreach programs focused on self-service.

Report Dashboard - Team Call Results

  • Customer Activity: A report of customer activity shows you the number of times a customer has called in. If someone is repeatedly calling in, it could be a sign that they’re unhappy and at risk of leaving. Or if they aren’t calling at all, this could also mean they aren’t engaged with your product. If you’re interested in making sure your highest value accounts are getting the white glove treatment when they call, that too is a report that can be achieved with CTI.

Product Decisions

  • Call Drivers by Product Line: Setting up call log templates that require reps to log each call against a specific product line gives you a view of which products are driving the most calls. They give you a first-hand look to understand product quality and see which products are the most expensive to support and maintain.

Sales Efficacy

  • Successful Lead Generation: Measure and manage the hustle. There are a few metrics that contribute to this. Looking at a combination of outbound calls per hour, call duration and call results gives a detailed, accurate view of whether reps are having the right calls and as a whole moving the team in the right direction.
  • Lead Touchpoints: Many sales organizations put their leads through a specific follow-up process. They may want every lead to receive one call for three weeks, then five emails over three months. With CTI, reps can easily log all their calls and interactions so organizations can measure perfect pipeline management.

Reporting Gold

Standard CTI reports add value to your organization. But with all the extra data it brings, you have what you need to make data-driven decisions. CTI reports can influence many parts of your company, like customer success initiatives, sales efficacy, product quality, and best of all, the bottom line. Imagine the possibilities! Blend call data with your customer data and turn it into reporting gold.

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