InGenius Now Supports Blended Agents in Salesforce Omni-Channel

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The InGenius team is excited to share our news about being one of the first to integrate telephony within Salesforce Omni-Channel. Our company mission is to enable sales and services organizations to deliver World Class voice-based customer experiences by integrating existing phone systems into leading CRMs such as Salesforce. Our support for Salesforce Omni-Channel highlights our strong partnership with Salesforce and is a natural progression for InGenius products.

Customers expect to receive great customer service on the channel that is most convenient to them. Call centers that can successfully serve these customers will be the World Class call centers of the future. Omni-Channel promises improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by engaging customers and prospects in the channel of their choice – be it email, text, chat, social media or voice.

According to State of the Service Report 2015 “Today’s customers demand seamless, individualized service across all devices and channels. The best service teams know they need to personalize that service, connecting with customers wherever they are.

A better customer experience begins with a better service agent experience. Top-performing teams tend to fully empower their agents to keep customers happy. By arming agents with easy access to the information they need and the power to quickly resolve issues, leading organizations are setting the stage for more efficient customer interactions.”

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Business cases have shown that having dedicated teams for each of these channels is no longer efficient. The recent release of InGenius Connector Enterprise 4.0 will provide voice integration within the Salesforce Omni-Channel to increase agent productivity for blended agents who handle other channels during breaks in phone activity. InGenius integration stops Salesforce Omni-Channel work items from being pushed to an agent on a call, so that the agent can focus on the customer voice interaction. When agents are not on a call, InGenius notifies Salesforce Service Cloud so that work can be pushed to the agent via the Omni-Channel widget.

Here is how it works:

Throughout the day, agents are pushed support cases or other work items through the Omni-Channel widget. When the agent receives a phone call, InGenius pops the Customer record and changes the telephony agent state to “On the Phone.” InGenius informs Salesforce that the agent is on a call and as a result, Salesforce Omni-Channel presence is changed to “Unavailable”. The agent can then focus on the telephone call without the distraction of emails or chats being pushed to them.

When the agent wraps up a call, InGenius logs the call in Salesforce and the agent’s status automatically reverts back to ‘Available’, showing that agent is available for the next work item such as an email, chat, or a phone call.

Omni-Channel reporting in a Salesforce dashboard.InGenius ensures that the agents Salesforce Service Presence telephony states are automatically stored in Salesforce. The call center management team can use the powerful Salesforce reporting engine to view and report on each agent’s status and productivity without needing detailed reports from the phone system. Management can view Salesforce reports showing a detailed record of the agent’s presence state changes throughout the shift and can view a summary dashboard that shows how each agent is doing, allowing the management team to run a more efficient call center.

InGenius continues to innovate with Salesforce to ensure the integration between telephony and the CRM supports the advanced requirements of world-class contact centers.

Pre-requisites: A Salesforce Omni-Channel implementation, and agent support provided by Cisco UCCE, Cisco UCCX or Avaya AES.

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