Case Study

Medgate Global Telemedicine Center Improves Productivity & Call Reporting

Medgate International uses InGenius in their Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center (ADTC) to link all calls to patient and case records. This has reduced the time physicians spend on logging call information and has improved productivity overall.

Industry: Healthcare
Size: 350+ Employees
Location: Basel, Switzerland

Key Impacts:

  • Increased physician productivity
  • Accurate and easy call reporting
  • Easy billing and audit reports for customers


Medgate logoMedgate International uses InGenius in their Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center (ADTC) to link all calls to patient and case records. This has reduced the time physicians spend on logging call information and has improved productivity overall. Medgate has seen an increase in reporting accuracy, making it easier for managers to view data and to report bill and auditing trails to customers. Staff have found InGenius Connector Enterprise meets all their needs through its functionality and ease of use.

The Challenge

To effectively run a telemedicine center, it’s key to have all inbound and outbound voice calls linked to patient and case records. All results and call data need to be captured in a way that supports a physician’s workflow and allows for quick and easy logging into the CRM. Reporting is also a crucial requirement in the telemedicine industry. The Medgate management team required accurate logging of time spent to support customer billing. All case data needed to be linked to archived audio files to support call auditing. The insurance companies that pay for the service require a verification of the physician and patient engagement to ensure a return on their investment.

The Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center went live initially with plans to roll out a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution that would connect their Cisco and Asterisk phone systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. Unfortunately, the CTI solution Medgate originally implemented in the ADTC was not successful. Reporting requirements were not met and the physician end users found the solution difficult to use. After 5 months of trying to make it work, that integration was abandoned. A second project was initiated to review other CTI solutions that would meet Medgate’s requirements.


Medgate is a leading provider of integrated out-patient health care. The Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center is the first physician-operated telemedicine center operating in Arabic and English. In the contact center, telemedically schooled physicians and medical specialists advise patients by phone, internet, and video globally, around the clock. The range of services covers both classic healthcare and specialist healthcare areas. The ADTC conducts approximately 4,900 medical telephone consultations a day.

“InGenius Connector Enterprise was not only easy to implement with Microsoft Dynamics, but it was easy to use by our telemedicine physicians. Our reporting to management and the customer is much better and we reduced our call time because the tool was so intuitive. Overall, it is much better than the previous CTI solution and as a result, we are expanding the use of InGenius to our other centers around the globe.”

Diego Zuccolin | Head of International Program Management | Medgate International

The InGenius Solution

InGenius Connector Enterprise was selected after a review of alternate computer telephony integration vendors. InGenius delivered the required functionality to link call data to patient and case records. The physicians appreciated a solution that supported their current workflow, gaining the ability to log calls directly within the CRM and allowing them to focus on providing telemedicine rather than logging call data.

Key Results

As a result of the success of the InGenius Connector Enterprise implementation, Medgate has expanded computer telephony integration to a second call center and has plans to roll it out worldwide. InGenius will be on the list of approved vendors and will be part of a solution kit intended to provide Medgate’s call centers with a blueprint on how to become a world-class call center.

Productivity Improvements

With InGenius, the Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center reduced call times because physicians could access InGenius quickly and report call data faster, driving efficiencies for the business overall. Patient and case data can be entered automatically into the CRM, saving significant time between calls and increasing physician productivity.

East of Use

The ADTC reported that their physicians did not struggle with how to use InGenius, and found the tool easy to use and learn.

Accurate Reporting

InGenius ensured an accurate report of all calls, and allowed the ADTC to easily share case history and data with their customers. Billing and auditing trails on cases are now easy to report to the customer, and call reporting to management is accurate and simple to produce.

Breadth of Functionality

According to the ADTC, InGenius offered much more functionality than their previous phone integration solution and facilitated better reporting.

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