Contact centers gain productivity with InGenius Connector Enterprise 6.0 release

December 14, 2017 3 minute read

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InGenius has released version 6.0 of InGenius Connector Enterprise, a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution, to provide contact centers with more productivity, enterprise administration and reporting features than ever before. Expectations for customer service are increasing at a rapid pace, and InGenius has responded with developments in this latest software launch that can help organizations gain faster ROI from their investment into CRMs, telephony systems and CTI.


Exciting new productivity functionality has been introduced into the latest product release, with a special focus on call logging enhancements. For businesses with a workflow requirement to create a case or incident for every call, InGenius has a new click-to-create feature takes care of this task automatically. Click-to-create reduces clicks for phone agents, and the auto-population of data ensures that accurate information is added to every case or incident. Agents can still make additional notes as needed. Another improvement to efficient logging is in-process call result logging. Users can select and save call results while a call is active to minimize after-call work. This feature facilitates a workflow the requires agents to move immediately to the next call. Finally, the InGenius interface now has an extendable call notes field as an option. Extendable call log notes field allows users to enter and view in-depth notes without the need to scroll, saving time and clicks.

Enterprise administration

InGenius Connector Enterprise 6.0 has added features to help with the enterprise administration of contact centers. Customers who want to make sure they are maximizing the use of their InGenius licenses can now automatically allocate licenses based on activity. Administrators don’t have to manually determine which users have been inactive, making optimization fast and easy. The release has also empowered administrators with more granular security, allowing them to restrict or grant admin access to specific groups of users for licensing, configuration and user management.


The new InGenius release delivers standardized result information for reports. Of particular note to users in highly regulated industries, InGenius allows administrators to standardize the call log notes that are added to the CRM. In addition to allowing end users to create their own logging templates or providing editable logging templates, administrators can now restrict call log notes to read-only, locked-down templates. With no free-form data entry enabled, businesses can ensure that sensitive customer information doesn’t get saved to their database. From the agents’ perspective, this feature means one-click entry, making call handling faster than ever.

“We’re very pleased to launch a new InGenius version that addresses the needs of modern contact centers,” said Kari Simpson, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for InGenius. “The deep relationships we have with our customers usually inspire the innovations we build into our product. We see what workflows are coming up most often with real-world use, and then build those options in. It’s the perfect feedback loop – the product always stays fresh and customers stay happy with enhanced benefits. It’s one of the reasons we consistently get top-ratings from our users.”

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InGenius Click-to-Create in Multiple CRMs

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