3 Simple Tools That Will Turn Your Remote Agents Into Productivity Rockstars

Did you miss our breakout session at IAUG Wired 2021? Catch the on-demand recording here! Get insights into three simple Upland Software tools that will help you bridge the physical divide and boost remote agent productivity.

When contact center leaders first realized the imminent danger posed by the Coronavirus outbreak and ushered their people to work from the safety of their own homes, no one could have predicted that we would now—11 long months later—still be faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and would still be working remotely. With your agents no longer in plain sight, how are you managing productivity and ensuring an exceptional customer experience?

Join us for a conversation on successfully managing remote contact centers. We’ll share winning strategies from real customers and industry leaders, including giving you a glimpse into the tools and technologies they are using to ignite remote agent productivity. You’ll gain insights into…

  • Monitoring the metrics that matter so that you can quickly spot productivity gaps and course-correct before customers are impacted.
  • Harnessing knowledge management in order bridge physical divides, promote teamwork and collaboration, and build a knowledge culture
  • Capturing the voice of your customer and their end-to-end experience so that you can deliver exceptional service
    You might not be able to physically check in on your agents to see how they are doing, but with the right tools in place, you can get the visibility you need to make the best decisions for your customers, your agents, and your business.

Watch our on-demand IAUG Wired 2021 session to learn more about three essential Upland Software products that every remote contact center needs and to get more information on our free Knowledge-Paks® for popular work-from home applications.

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