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See how you can increase agent productivity and earn happier customers with a seamless connection between your CRM and business phone system.

Answer 4 simple questions to see your potential savings on call center costs.

4 Simple Questions
Average number of calls per day to entire contact center
Average call handle time (minutes)* * Bright index: voice average handling time is 4.2 minutes
Agent time spent on calls in one 8-hour shift (hours)
Agent salary per hour* * average pay for a call center rep is $13.58/hour
One more thing
Time savings with InGenius
per call (seconds)
InGenius research: single app 10 sec, screen pop 15 sec, click-to-dial 5 sec, automated call logging 35 sec
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Improvement in call handle time
Total Hours Saved Per Day
Improvement in Calls/Agent
Total Costs Saved Per Day ($USD)
InGenius ROI
Over 1 Year
Using InGenius List Price
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