5 Demand Gen Lessons from the Team That Makes Everything Easier, for Dummies

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Upland Admin

John Wiley and Sons, a 208-year-old global publishing brand known for their For Dummies brand, is a B2B Marketing rockstar. Through a worldwide campaign, aptly named For Dummies Custom Solutions, the Wiley marketing team overhauled old processes and siloed teams to craft an integrated marketing strategy that totally rocks—and, they have $975,000 of campaign-generated SQL pipeline to prove it.

We know these are results of a demand gen marketer’s dreams, which is why we took the time to chat with Wiley as a part of our Kapost 50 webinar series last week. Wiley filled us on key learnings such as:

You can view the slideshow below, or take a 15-minute coffee break to watch the webinar recording here.

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