3 B2B Marketing Rock Star Moments

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Upland Admin

Rock star marketing moments come in all shapes and sizes: the unveiling of a new website, the launch of a content pillar, or becoming a truly revenue-driven marketing team. For many of us, it’s these moments that motivate us to push boundaries, innovate, and reinvent the practice of B2B marketing.

But behind every piece of content published, campaign completed, and marketing-driven deal closed stands a team of rock stars—the marketers working behind the scenes.

Take a closer look, and you’ll see it’s the people and their finely-tuned processes that truly deserve the applause.

That’s why we rounded up stories from three rock star marketers behind some of the best B2B marketing moments in 2015—because sometimes it’s the not-so-sexy parts of marketing that make the biggest impact.

Here are their stories:

Kelley Bjella, Communications Manager at Datavail on developing a strategic content plan:


Debbie Pelzmann, Content Strategy and Operations at Solidfire on scaling content production:


Megan Isherwood, Marketing Operations Manager at Datavail on increasing marketing-attributable revenue:


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