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All too often, content creators are siloed apart from the executives developing the strategy behind tactical marketing efforts. This inevitably leads to lost-in-translation complications, as well as general anarchy and chaos.

The worst part is that there’s often disillusionment for higher-up marketing executives regarding their team’s visibility into strategy and their ability to streamline content production to deliver best-in-class results.

Calm the Chaos with a Content Operation

The answer to this marketing travesty? A content operation. But while the processes, people, and technologies that encompass a content operation often seem like a no-brainer to content creators and operations, executives occasionally need a bit more convincing before they jump on board.

When properly implemented, a content operation unifies the customer experience across all departments and channels and allows marketers to focus on authentic, resonant messaging that drives revenue and growth.

Sound like it touches on a few (or all) of your executives’ objectives? We thought so.

But simply delivering a heartfelt explanation of how a content operation would make fellow content creators’ lives easier isn’t going to convince your executives—at least, not on its own. That’s why we’ve started your pitch for you. Our eBook, Building a Business Case for a Content Operationsets up everything you need to convince your executives how important a content operation is for your marketing team.

Building a Rock Solid Case

Here’s what you need to give your boss a complete vision of the benefits of a content operation:

  • Exactly what a content operation is
  • Proven ROI statistics
  • How a content operation will impact them
  • What your organization’s content operation would look like

Luckily, building a business case for a content operation is pretty easy, since the stats speak for themselves:

  • Organizations that implement a strategic content operation see a 30% increase in productivity without increasing costs
  • Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a 61% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing-dominated organizations
  • Marketing organizations that have invested in building best-in-class content operations enjoy 5x greater revenue contribution than laggers

Want more of these great points? Download the full eBook. We give you everything you need to build the case for a content operation your executives will love.

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