6 Lessons We Learned at Eloqua Experience (in GIFs)

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In the movie business they say “That’s a wrap!” In the marketing world we say “Let’s get to work!”

Another Eloqua Experience is in the books, and – boy – it was a doozy. Music, memories, and marketing. If there was one consistent theme that came out of this year’s conference, it was that storytelling and great content are more prized than ever.

That said, there were several other lessons we picked up walking the floor and hitting up the sessions. So we put them in GIF form. Enjoy!

1. Reward Customers, They’ll Reward You

One thing Eloqua does exceptionally well is reward customers for their advocacy. An example is the amount of “flair” attendees showed off at Eloqua Experience. Buttons for mastering the product, buttons for attending other events, buttons galore.

The lesson here is that customers want to be recognized for using your product, sharing your content, and preaching your message. Find creative ways to say thank you – and that “thank you” will be a walking advertisement.

2. Marketing Means Doing More Than One Thing at a Time

“Be good at one thing” sounds like great advice. But if the diversity of education sessions, exhibitors and presenters are any indication, marketing is not the place for doing just one thing.

Marketers are being asked to diversify their skill sets, from producing stellar content to mastering the distribution of paid, earned and owned media. So a marketing education never ends, and the more you invest in learning, the better off you’ll be.

3. Someone is Always Looking Over Your Shoulder

Satisfied with your sucess? Stop acting so smug. No matter how well you performed, the vast growth in marketing influence in recent years just means the competition to stand out is tougher than ever.

No one – especially content marketers – can afford to rest on their laurels. There’s always someone who is ready to pounce and take your position in the market. The key is to look ahead, but also take a glance in the rearview mirror every now and then. Chances are someone will be right behind you, looking to get ahead.

4. Marketers Will Wait a Long Time for Coffee

If you’re hosting a marketing conference, may I suggest providing plenty of coffee? It was pretty clear that attendees would wait in just about any line for a cappuccino.

5. Your Customers Say It Better Than You

It doesn’t matter how refined your pitch is, your customers can say it better. Makes sense. Your customers live in the world you’re trying to influence, and experience the daily pain points.

We witnessed that firsthand in our packed “Exploding the Whitepaper” session at Eloqua Experience. After laying out the vision for structuring a content marketing team, Jan Welborn-Nichols of Plex Systems and Anita Marsh of Concur knew exactly how to connect with the audience. They explained how content challenges are dealt with in the real world, and shared actual results. Clearly, getting your customers to tell their story is key to telling yours.

6. Vince Gilligan is Full of Marketing Wisdom

Funny, smart, creative – we’d expect nothing less from the creator of Breaking Bad. But Vince Gilligan wasn’t just witty, he was also full of great advice for marketers.

From embracing deadlines to working with people who will call you out, Gilligan offered some key insights into how his career has grown and how marketers can do the same. It’s the kind of advice all of us could learn from.


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