The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Present & Future [Infographic]

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Upland Admin

Two things you can count on near the end of the year: holiday-themed marketing and predictions posts.

We’re not immune to this tendency. (In fact, we were featured in some.) But instead of choosing a holiday theme or prediction piece, we decided to combine the two.

What resulted was The Ghosts of Marketing Past, Marketing Present, & Marketing Future infographic. We set out to spotlight the marketing trends we’ve discarded, the techniques and technologies we use now, and what lies ahead in the next few years.

But we found it wasn’t as simple as that.

Though use might diminish, no marketing strategy truly dies. It will continue to have its advocates and users. But the strategies of the past do lead to the practices and technologies we use heavily today, and eventually to the methods we will adopt tomorrow. For instance, cold calling isn’t as hot today, but apps on our mobile phones are employed by nearly every top global brand. Soon we might be accessing apps through our eyewear and watches, leading to the exploration of all new marketing territories.

The goal of our infographic was to take a snapshot of the past, the present, and not-too-distant future of marketing. We hope you like it. And as our gift to marketers everywhere, we included the embed code below so you can share the infographic freely on your blog or site.

Happy Holidays! And very happy New Year, marketers!


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