Content and the Revenue Marketer: 5 Resources to Help You Write Content That Converts

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You may have heard marketers talking about the “content arms race” in the sense that the world’s most innovative companies are competing for the same attention spans. As time becomes an increasingly valuable asset in the media ecosystem, no amount of money can replace the value that readers, viewers, and listeners derive from high-quality content.

People who spend their time online are looking to learn, feel entertained, and discover something new. They want to be better versions of themselves. This aspiration especially holds true for marketing teams who are creating content in a transactional setting: in addition to creating interesting content, they need to be able to convince their audiences that they’re not trying to make a hard sell.

The link between content, conversions, and revenue is more straightforward than you might think, however. It’s education, inspiration, and quality of information. Empower your audience through your content: help them exceed in their roles, and always be transparent.
Here are a few resources to help you create the right structure and connections between your content, conversions, and revenue. Incidentally, these happen to be some of Kapost’s highest-performing pieces of conversion content—precisely for the reasons above.

1. Whitepaper Template

Information design is important to success with content marketing, but many organizations don’t have big-brand design budgets. This free whitepaper template makes it possible for content marketers to simply plug their content into a specific layout and create a basic white paper as a result. You can build on this template by hiring a designer to tweak the aesthetics, or you can change the document yourself if you’re so inclined.

This resource will help you generate success with content marketing by making your long-form resources easier to digest.

2. The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Marketingblueprint to modern product launch

As with your overall marketing strategy, your content shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. Every part of an organization is interconnected, and storytelling techniques help connect the dots between different parts of your business and your revenue objectives. But you may need some guidance to get to the finish line. That’s why Kapost created this resource.

3. Simple Style Guide Template

It’s common for companies to have multiple content creators on their teams. From a blog editor or content leader’s perspective, this resource is an amazing asset to have: more voices means more knowledge on behalf of your brand. But it can be a challenge keeping all of these voices in sync. This simple style guide template will help (and save you hours of time).

4. The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Managing Customer Experience

When you’re creating content, you want to consider more than just the words you’re putting on the paper (or typing on your screen). But if your expertise is in marketing and storytelling, you may need some extra eyes on the UX side. This free resource can help connect the dots between content, UX, and revenue.


5. Reverse Engineer Your Funnel: The Starter Guide

Your ability to build a successful content strategy is directly related to your company’s understanding of your conversion funnel. You need to know how content connects to the many moving parts of your organization and, eventually, to revenue. This guide will provide that framework for you.


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