Improve Your Team’s Productivity Using Kapost’s New Production Analytics

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Before improving your content team’s productivity, you need to first understand how your team is performing.  You need to know which content types are taking a longer than expected time to produce, what tasks in your workflows are creating bottle necks, and what content themes might be posing particular challenges for your team.

Kapost’s newest analytics, Production Analytics, can help you do exactly that.  Using Production Analytics, you can monitor production times by content types, authors, categories, intended personas, intended buying stages, or any of the other meta data you capture in Kapost.  In the example below, a marketer can easily see his team’s production time for creating blog posts is steadily increasing.


In addition to monitoring production days, you can monitor your on-time delivery rates to see how often your team is meeting its deadlines.

And if you need to dig deeper to see what content and which tasks specifically are problematic from an efficiency perspective, we made all of our Production Analytics segemented by workflow task and content available in our Custom Reports module.


After you use Production Analytics to better understand your teams productivity challenges, you’ll not only want to start setting some more realistic goals and deadlines for your team, but you’ll also want to help your team adhere to those goals and deadlines.  Production Analytics makes this last part a little easier too.  We added a new column to your content catalog called Next Task Deadline.  By sorting on this column, you can easily see which tasks are overdue or which ones are at risk and follow up with up with the appropriate task owner for action.


Start making your content teams more efficient using Kapost’s Production Analytics today!  To learn how to access these metrics and understand how we calculate them, click here.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email us at support at kapost dot com.


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