Learn How to Prioritize with The Content Operations Maturity Model

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If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: the burden of managing the tactical operations of content production is crushing marketing teams and organizations everywhere. Marketers are running around creating ad hoc content and teams across the organization are creating their own renegade content because they need it now! So what can you do?

If you’ve read our ungated guide for building scalable, repeatable processes for content production and management (and I hope you have!), you might say “Yeah, but that’s an enormous amount of change. Where would I even start?” You’re not alone. Most marketers and marketing leaders feel the perceived inability to start the shift of a content transformation. This is where the latest addition to our Framework for B2B Content Operations comes in.

Introducing Chapter 9: The Content Operations Maturity Model

Prioritizing your content transformation starts with knowing what capabilities you already have mastered and setting goals for how to improve, but most organizations don’t even know where they fall on the spectrum. The Content Operations Maturity Model responds to this concern, providing a benchmark from which to jump start the content transformation.

  • Your overall benchmark for the maturity of your content operation
  • Key capabilities for each phase of the content lifecycle
  • How smart scoping can build the foundation for organization-level success in the content transformation

Kickstart your strategies to content success. Take the first step to maturity.

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