Nominations for the 2016 Kapost Awards are Open!

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It’s always awkward to brag about yourself or share a special talent. But here at Kapost, we never shy away from a good story. In fact, we throw our new employees center stage and ask them to do just that during their first company-wide meeting.

Most of the responses are standard—like where they’re from or their favorite food. But every so often, a new coworker will shake things up and share something crazy—like they used to be in the CIA or can hula hoop like a pro. Nobody documents the answers, but everyone sure remembers their personal favorites.

Highlighting World-Class Marketing: The 2016 Kapost Awards

Just like our new employees, we’ve been asking B2B brands to share their marketing success stories with us since 2012. For four years now, we’ve highlighted best-in-class teams creating and executing amazing content. The response has been consistently overwhelming—we never cease to be inspired by the incredible work of our fellow marketing pros.

Here’s what we’ve seen over the years: 201220132014, and 2015.

Let Us Showcase Your Accomplishments This Year!

Modern marketers know that outdated processes don’t support content production at scale. For the 2016 list, we want to kick things up a notch and highlight best-in-class teams doing marketing with a twist. If your team has implemented content operations, executed a fully-integrated marketing campaign, or even developed a content governance board, we want to hear from you.

The Details

Now’s the time to take center stage. To nominate your company, simply fill out this form, telling us about how your team built a campaign focusing on aligning, executing, distributing, and/or analyzing full-funnel content. You may just win a spot in our 2016 showcase of all-star marketing brands.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 31st—and we can’t wait to hear your stories of success.

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