How We Manage 54 Contributors on Our B2B Blog

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In 2014, the Kapost team published 386 blog posts on the Content Marketeer, our blog dedicated to sharing the stories and strategies behind exceptional marketing and supporting B2B companies in planning, creating, distributing, and optimizing content for their most important marketing channels.

It’s no small feat to publish more than one blog post per day, every day of the year.

So who authored these posts, which contributed to 861% increase in subscribers and 182% increase in unique visitors year over year?

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54 unique contributors shared their voices on the Content Marketeer in 2014. Of the 386 posts published, 73% were written by 5 different members of the Kapost content team, 11% by guest contributors, 7% by Kapost employees from different departments, and 7% by freelance writers.

Finding New Contributors

The bulk of our blog content came from the content team, which includes three full-time content marketers. A truly exciting story, though, lies in the other 27% of posts, sourced from our social networks, different departments across Kapost, freelance writers, industry influencers, partners, customers, and other marketing professionals.

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Kapost’s social channels played a central role in discovering new voices. Through an integrated influencer strategy, Kapost engaged and built relationships with industry experts, ultimately encouraging them to write for the blog. Experienced freelancers and marketing professionals also emerged through our social channels, with many of our writers coming from Kapost’s LinkedIn group, the Content Marketing Academy. Additionally, readers of the Content Marketeer frequently reached out through a contact form, requesting to submit original content. The Content Marketeer, effectively, started to fuel itself.

Also, by opening up communication channels across the company, Kapost’s sales and customer success teams contributed a slew of ideas and original posts to the Content Marketeer. Their involvement didn’t stop there, however. These teams also invited current prospects and customers to contribute to the blog, providing fresh and informative marketing stories for the blog as well as keeping important business conversations active.

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Managing 54 Content Creators

To steer these contributors straight, we shared style guidelines to ensure consistency and originality across posts, while encouraging each contributor to write in his or her unique voice. To manage these writers, Kapost used their own software to organize deadlines and workflows, communicate with contributors about timelines and revisions, publish posts to the Content Marketeer, and review performance.

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