New Integration: ReadyTalk and Kapost

Recently, the Kapost team linked up with the ReadyTalk team to allow Kapost users to plan and manage their online web meetings, including webinars. Last week, MarketingSherpa published a case study on the importance of planning and executing a webinar strategy. They stated, “Organized webinar strategy led to a 91% increase in webinar– and lead capture– registration.”

With this integration you can:

Customize a workflow for ReadyTalk webinars and online meetings: This is similar to customizing your workflows for other content types in Kapost. Just like other content types, a webinar is a collaborative effort that has multiple tasks around its ideation, production, and post-production. Some examples of tasks in a webinar workflow could include outlining talking points, assigning hosts, sending pre-webinar reminder email, or add webinar recording. Overall, you can create a custom workflow to manage the entire webinar strategy.

Add files, notes, and attachments to complement your online meeting: In order to fully plan, manage, and support your online meeting, Kapost allows you to attach supporting files to your project. You can add slideshow presentations, documents, PDFs, etc. You can also construct notes and outlines within the Kapost tool.

Include ReadyTalk online meetings in new and existing campaigns: We recently revamped our campaigns page to allow you to create a task list, description, activity feed, and campaign owners. Now you can include your online meetings and webinars as content pieces in your various campaigns.

Promote online meeting registration URL through social channels: Similar to how you promote your other content projects in the post-production part of your workflows, with this integration, you can socially promote your webinar’s registration URL before you host your online meeting. Kapost analytics will report total activity on your social promotion of your online meeting.


Import your recorded ReadyTalk webinar: After you webinar has taken place, you can import the file to your content project page. This will allow you to socially promote the recorded meeting URL and share the embed code.

View webinar and online meeting registrants: Post recording, the Kapost ReadyTalk integration will populate the list of attendees at your meeting. It includes their name, email, and the number of minutes they attended your webinar.


Integrating with ReadyTalk allows Kapost and ReadyTalk customers to continue building out their content marketing strategy across a variety of content types including webinars. Kapost allows you to add ReadyTalk webinars as an additional content type to plan, manage, promote, and analyze in a centralized location. Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you and your content strategy will benefit greatly from this new feature.

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