This Week in Content Marketing: Redefining the Modern Marketer, Collection Week, & Content Reuse

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This week, there were quite a few redefinitions and evolutions occurring. And in my opinion, the three articles below will open your mind to new ways of envisioning terms we hear all the time, in this case, the modern marketer, collection week, and content reuse. Enjoy! 

We talk a lot about the modern marketer. Why? Because marketing has changed, and marketers have necessarily changed alongside their field. Nowadays, marketers need to be analytical and tech-savvy. Campaigns are data-driven and executed with complex and powerful softwares and platforms. But the creative element is still just as important. Without entertaining content and the ability to think beyond the data, no one will enjoy, share, or engage with the content that marketers need to generate the numbers/data necessary to succeed. The two are intimately connected. And in a brilliant moment of “practicing what you preach,” Salesforce put together a great infographic called “The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist,” which is no doubt driving traffic as well as kudos from the creatives. Via Salesforce Blog

When you hear “collection week,” what comes to mind? Garbage pales lining the streets? Toy drives over the holidays? Gangsters collecting on gambling debts? Well, whatever your go-to association, prepare to sweep it aside for a fantastic idea from the wonderful folks over at SiriusDecisions. As part of their sales enablement series, they recommend “fieldsourcing” the content being created and shared by sales reps and sales engineers to make sure it’s aligned with the messaging of your organization. Also, it ensures those really great pieces of content are being utilized effectively. Read the whole post (it’s short) and “collection week” will take on a whole new meaning. Via SiriusDecisions Blog

I’m a fan of lists. I’m also a fan of content reuse (stay tuned for an upcoming series on the Content Marketeer about this very topic). So naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed Heidi Cohen’s 7 steps for repurposing content. One of my favorite elements of this article is that  each step is followed by an “actionable marketing tip.” Consuming content is one thing, but actually taking action on that advice is something else entirely. And Heidi makes it easy to take the steps she maps out. Via Heidi Cohen

And in case you missed anything this week on the Content Marketeer:

Did we miss any of your favorite articles from the week? Please share them in the comment section. But the real call to action is…have a great weekend! 

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