Wednesday Webinar: Creating and Managing Campaigns

1 minute read

Upland Admin

Today, Kapost hosted its monthly webinar on creating and managing campaigns. Campaigns is a relatively new feature inside Kapost but this week, we are releasing an updated version with additional functionality. On the webinar we defined campaigns and how to create campaign types, task lists, and custom fields. We tapped into Kaposts Marketing Team to learn best practices and how to determine what content types are best suited for your campaigns.

The webinar had a great turnout and more than half of the respondents shared that they have been using campaigns. Hopefully the webinar today will improve your current processes and encourage those not using campaigns to begin! Please feel free to email your customer success manager to review any of the best practices from the webinar and apply them to your Kapost instance.

The full deck is published here and the recording is included below. The goal of this series is to cover topics that are of interest to you and your teams and will aid you in being top content marketers! If you have suggestions on how to improve the #WedWebinar series or topics you’d like for Kapost to cover moving forward, please email us here.

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