40 Inspiring Women in Marketing #IWD2016

International Women’s Day posed the question, how will you mark the day?

We’d like to celebrate the achievements of women in marketing.

Marketing is an exciting craft. The Age of the Customer, the rise of digital, the explosion of new technologies, the many talented millennials joining our ranks – these shifts have completely transformed marketing.

Charting a course through these changes makes this profession an interesting and challenging one. It takes vision, courage, inspiration, and hard work to lead people and companies in this new world.

All of us at Kapost serve amazing marketers every day. So, I asked the entire team to nominate women making a difference.  Some are active on Twitter, and you can follow others on LinkedIn.

How did we choose?

First, we work with marketers in a range of roles across corporate, digital, brand, demand generation, product, field, and customer marketing. So our list includes inspired leaders and rising stars in each of these areas of the marketing craft.

Next, we focused on the marketing leaders making waves in B2B. We often see B2C marketers get a lot of limelight when it comes accolades for marketing innovation. We love that recognition. And yet, B2B marketing is equally hard but in different ways. More stakeholders, longer sales cycles, more complex products…these elements make B2B marketing unique.

The marketers we celebrate here prove that marketing innovation is thriving in B2B.

Lastly, we focused on women making a difference at all levels of marketing. Leaders come in all roles. We see them at every stage of their careers. It’s not just CMOs that drive change, but marketing teams stacked with great talent make waves. The women on this list are proof of that.

Let me close with a word of thanks to Erin Robbins O’Brien and the Search Engine Journal for their article on 50 Awesome Women in Marketing to Follow, which inspired me to pay it forward.

Without further ado, here is our list.

Abby Gabriel, VP Global Marketing Strategy, Schneider Electric

Follow Abby on LinkedIn and Twitter

Alyson Savelle, Sr. Mgr, Brand Offer Marketing, SOLIDWORKS

Follow Alyson on LinkedIn and Twitter

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Follow Ann on LinkedIn and Twitter

Anna Napolitano, Content Marketing Director – IT Business, Schneider Electric – IT Business Unit

Follow Anna on LinkedIn

Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions, Inc.

Follow Ardath on LinkedIn and Twitter

Ashley Zurcher, Associate Director of Content Marketing, Wiley

Follow Ashley on LinkedIn and Twitter

Beki Scarbrough, VP Integrated Marketing, CA Technologies

Follow Beki on LinkedIn and Twitter

Beth Mallino, Head of User Experience & Web Operations, CSC

Follow Beth on LinkedIn and Twitter

Cynthia Gumbert, VP Digital and New Accounts Marketing, CA Technologies

Follow Cynthia on LinkedIn and Twitter

Debbie Lakatos, Global Senior Demand Generation Manager, Hach

Follow Debbie on LinkedIn

Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, TPG

Follow Debbie on LinkedIn and Twitter

Deirdre Bigley, CMO, Bloomberg LP

Follow Deirdre on LinkedIn and Twitter

Emily He, CMO, Double Dutch

Follow Emily on LinkedIn and Twitter

Emily Reynolds, Content Marketing Manager, Phunware

Follow Emily on LinkedIn and Twitter

Heidi Bullock,  VP of Demand Generation, Marketo

Follow Heidi on LinkedIn and Twitter

Jamie Barnett, CMO, Netskope

Follow Heidi on LinkedIn and Twitter

Jennifer Whitney, Lead Strategist, Marketing Automation, Wiley

Follow Jennifer on LinkedIn

Jill Maher, VP, Digital Marketing, Fidelity Investments

Follow Jill on LinkedIn and Twitter

Joan Sherlock, VP, Digital Marketing, Consulting & Enablement, Digital Experience, SAP

Follow Joan on LinkedIn and Twitter

Julia White, General Manager, Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft

Follow Julia on LinkedIn and Twitter

Karen Walker, CMO, Cisco

Follow Karen on LinkedIn and Twitter

Katherine Demacopolous, VP Content Marketing, CA Technologies

Follow Katherine on LinkedIn and Twitter

Katherine Scott, Marketing Specialist, Social Networking and Online Media, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Follow Katherine on LinkedIn and Twitter

Katrina Craigwell, Director, Global Content and Programming, GE Digital

Follow Katrina on LinkedIn and Twitter

Lauren Flaherty, EVP, CMO, CA Technologies

Follow Lauren on LinkedIn and Twitter

Lindy Hood, SVP, Head of Marketing, North America Commercial, Zurich NA

Follow Lindy on LinkedIn and Twitter

Lisa Haldeman, CEO, Ogilvy (Leopard)

Follow Lisa on LinkedIn and Twitter

Loni Stark, Senior Director, Adobe

Follow Loni on LinkedIn and Twitter

Maggie Chan Jones, CMO, SAP

Follow Maggie on LinkedIn and Twitter

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB

Follow Meagen on LinkedIn and Twitter

Missy Altergott, VP, Corporate Marketing, Level 3

Follow Missy on LinkedIn

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Marketing, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. 

Follow Monika on LinkedIn and Twitter

Neenu Sharma, Marketing Strategy & Operations Leader, GE Digital

Follow Neenu on LinkedIn and Twitter

Patty Brown, Head of Global Content Strategy, CSC

Follow Patty on LinkedIn and Twitter

Robin Caputo, CMO, DataVail

Follow Robin on LinkedIn and Twitter

Sara Sweitzer, Director of Content Development, Amsurg

Follow Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter

Shelly Lucas, Content Marketing Director, Dun & Bradstreet

Follow Shelly on LinkedIn and Twitter

Tara Dunn, Editor in Chief of Analytics Hub, IBM

Follow Tara on LinkedIn and Twitter

Tracie Sokol, Vice President, Marketing, Enterprise Services and Solutions, Canon Solutions America

Follow Tracie on LinkedIn

Whitney Parker Mitchell, Global Marketing Director, Kroll

Follow Whitney on LinkedIn and Twitter

Thank you for the inspiration, B2B marketers.

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