Create Interactive Experiences with In-App Messages in Workflows

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Which brand experience would you prefer? When a brand serves you products and services based on your interests, browsing and shopping history, or location, or do you prefer generic offers that are not tailored to your needs and preferences or may not be relevant to you? The answer is obvious; we expect brands to personalize their communications to deliver real-time messages that matter to usHowever, delivering personalized experiences might sound challenging and time-consuming. But that notion is a thing of the past! Our behaviorally-triggered campaign builder, Workflows, enables you to automate the delivery of personalized messages based on your customer’s interaction with your brandAnd to make these campaigns even better, we recently added in-app messages as an available channel within Workflows, enabling you to expand how you create tailored and dynamic app experiences. 

Create more successful campaigns with Workflows 

>> 3X Lift in Open Rates  

>> 2X Lift in Customer Engagement  

When using Workflows campaigns over standard push campaigns 

Source: Upland Localytics Usage Insights, 2019  

Deliver dynamic app experiences with in-app messages in Workflows 

In-app messages within Workflows extend the ability to automate your campaigns within your app. This enables you to enhance the in-app experience and deepen engagement with contextual messages by personalizing content and creatives when a user performs a specific action, such as starting a purchase, checking their balance, or finishing a free trial. For example, after a user watches a show or purchases a product, you can provide recommendations based on their purchase history and interests that are delivered automatically and at the best time for your customer to engage with you: when they are already in your app. You can also add personalized creatives for an additional touch of customization and intrigue through our partnership with Movable Ink. And now with in-app messages as an additional option your Workflows campaigns can reach anyone who uses your app, not just those who opted-in to app or web push notifications, since opt-ins aren’t required to receive in-app messages. 

Using our Workflows featurein-app campaigns can also be triggered when your customer engages with your brand outside of the app, for example, completing a transaction or browsing products on your website, or even making a purchase at a brick-and-mortar store or after a user contacts customer service. By unifying event data from other software solutions via API, you can pull these interactions into the Upland Localytics platform to trigger your campaignsThese dynamic interactions evolve automatically, and you can engage your customers across both digital and physical channels and create seamless experiences all within one campaign.  


Make the most of your Workflows with these top campaign strategies: 

      1. Drive Revenue 

Cross-Sells & Upsells  

Explore cross-sell and upsell opportunities by offering product recommendations, increasing sales of premium subscriptions, and add-on services. This is an excellent opportunity to grow incremental revenue with automated campaigns that are triggered by a user’s actions, such as adding new products to their wish list or purchasing an item then following up with a complimentary product or service.  

Abandoned Cart Campaigns  

Reduce lossales with automated abandoned cart campaigns that are triggered once an item is left in the cart for an extended period of time. Create a multi-step message flow that starts with a reminder, and then layer on discounts or free shipping offers to drive revenue from what otherwise could be lost revenue. For a pro tip- don’t forget to also thank customers for the purchase and engage them for reviews – all within the same Workflows campaign. 

      2. Onboard New Users 

Create an automated, multi-step onboarding campaign, introducing your customers to useful and popular features. Onboarded users show 50% higher lifetime value than non-onboarded users, and you can use Workflows to capitalize on this fact and continually drive app adoption and retention. Help your users make the most of their app experience with useful tips about mobile pay or auto-pay options, ways to personalize their news or product feed, or how to get customer support, or how to find a nearby location.  

 Source:  Upland Localytics, 2018  

      3. Re-Engage Customers 

Bring customers back into your app or website with push campaigns that target those who haven’t visited in a while. You can easily offer extended free trials to encourage new subscribers and send automated push, then follow-up with an in-app message once they visit your app again to show the great new features oprovide a special offer 

      4. Increase Customer Loyalty  

Deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty without having to repeatedly create individual campaigns. Instead, use Workflows to automate campaigns to run over an extended period of time without compromising on personalization. Use in-app messages to drive enrollment in your loyalty program by targeting users who have frequently visited your app or made a certain number of purchases. Or provide special offers to customers after they have spent a certain amount or reached a specific level of points in your loyalty program, helping to increase repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.  

Workflows brings together the powerful combination of personalization and automation to help you deliver dynamic campaigns that adapt to user interactions with your brand. If you haven’t used Workflows yet, give it a try, and if you’re already familiar with the feature dive back in and start adding In-App messages to your campaignsIf you need help getting started, check out the Workflows User Guide or contact your Digital Consultant to help you with your strategy and get you up and running with Workflows. 

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