Best Practices for Crafting A Strong Welcome Email

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The welcome message is one of the most effective tools email marketers have in their arsenals. When people elect to be added to a subscriber list, sending a communication that lets them know their decision is valued can have a number of benefits that contribute to the effectiveness of any future email campaign.

However, there are certain best practices to follow in order to ensure welcome messages resonate well with subscribers. For any email marketer, engagement is critical. Giving those on your list a reason to open your emails all starts with a carefully crafted message thanking them for their decision to be added to your list.

Welcome Message Best Practices
On average, welcome emails perform 86% higher than the typical email newsletter, primarily because subscribers don’t consider them to be junk. Typically, they’re likely to know the source of the message because they understand it was generated based on a decision to subscribe to a mailing list. This creates an ideal opportunity for a marketer to establish a relationship and build a rapport with those who have elected to be contacted via email.

To accomplish this goal, here are a few things to do with your introductory messaging:

  • Personalize the greeting: Addressing subscribers by name is a great way to keep a new subscriber from feeling as if they’re just another name on the list. As an email marketer, if an individual has provided you with their full name, make sure welcome messages are addressed to them specifically to give it that personalized touch.
  • Let them know what to expect: If future email campaigns are coming, make this information apparent during your welcome email. This way, subscribers will know how often to expect to be contacted. Additionally, it will also be beneficial to make them aware of what the content of future messages will be.
  • Offer a sneak preview of what the next email will look like after the welcome message has already been sent.

Following the above best practices can be a good launching point for establishing a solid foundation for crafting effective welcome communications. Raise the level of anticipation with subscribers and have them looking forward to what future communications will bring, making your overall email marketing strategies strong.

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