4 Reasons why Custom Reporting Makes Sense in Email Marketing

The term “analytics” and “data-driven marketing” have become quite the buzzwords lately.   Budgets are tighter than ever, and leaders expect their teams to leverage these budgets wisely.  Gone are the days of excess marketing budgets.  Creating continuous improvement and testing new ideas are expected to be done in very controlled environments as to have as little waste as possible.

One of the key elements for a data-driven email marketing program is having the reporting that you need, readily at your disposal, to make informed decisions.  As a marketer, you may be surrounded by mountains of data.  But if it’s not easy to access or is not the right data, it is not useful to you.  This is why custom reporting is critical to help you formulate new ideas, test new theories and analyze the results.  These reports may come in the form of a custom export, simple spreadsheet or a more advanced PostUp Tableau report.

Every company defines success differently

Not everyone in your company will define “success” in the same way.  Not only does every company define success differently, but individual brands within that company and even teams within a brand may define it differently as well.  For instance, a new brand may have very different goals and objectives than a highly developed, existing brand.  A new brand may simply be looking to drive awareness while an existing brand may focus more on driving conversions.  Teams define success differently as well.  Your engagement team will have goals that look at how many people opened and clicked on your emails, but your creative team may want to measure how long a subscriber engages within the email.  Understanding all the varying goals of your company will allow you to design and build custom reports specifically to meet your needs.

Elimination of Busy Work

More than likely the various brands and teams that you work with are not going to have access to your email platform.  Most email marketers like to limit the access level of the platform to only those that truly need it.  Often, this translates to a big problem:  one person is responsible for pulling all the data and running all the reports.  This can become very time-consuming when various brands and teams all have different goals and subsequently want to see a variety of reports.  We have heard tales of marketers having to set aside an entire week each month simply to run reports for their company.  Custom reporting can eliminate much of this wasted time.  PostUp can work with you to pull all of your data into a more efficient report.  We want you to spend that time analyzing the results and planning your next amazing email marketing project!

Easier Integration with Other Tools and Platforms

Virtually all advanced email marketing programs will be integrated with other platforms.  This could be anything from your content management system to your customer data platform.  Regardless of what system it is, you are transferring data.  You will want to ensure that you are capturing the most applicable and appropriate data so that it can be easily transferred and interpreted in other platforms.  Creating a custom export or data feed will be the most efficient way to accomplish this and ensure that everyone in your organization receives the data they need.  Reminder … they all have different needs!

Be Prepared for Presentations

Being part of a marketing-driven organization means that you will most likely need to present your results and findings to other teams and your leadership.  This may be in person or via documentation.  Regardless of the format, you are going to need data.  Don’t get caught at the last minute trying to pull results for data that you don’t have!  Visit with all your key stakeholders to determine what data points will be needed for your business, then develop reports to meet those needs.  The data you need may be available in the PostUp standard reports, but it may need to be created in an export or in PostUp Tableau.  In addition, custom reports created in PostUp Tableau can be represented in a visual graph which can be directly copied to your presentation.

While we love the standard reports that the PostUp platform contains, we also know that one size does not always fit all.  This is why we have incorporated some of the best-in-breed reporting tools such as Tableau into the PostUp platform.  If you have any needs for custom reporting, please contact your Account Executive who can help you scope your project.

Shelly Alvarez
Director of Client Services, PostUp

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