The Joke’s on Us: Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Emails

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Team PostUp

This year you may have done at double take at Volkswagen’s “name change”, the Innocent Smoothie and Heinz collaboration or Subway’s “helping hand” campaign . All created to take part in what is often  many people’s least favorite “holidays” of the year: April Fools’. Not everyone is aa huge fan of pranks, but we can all appreciate the art of a well-timed joke. Of course, being in the email industry, The PostUp team was on the lookout for all April Fools’ Day emails. Here, we’ve compiled a few favorites and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

West Elm

Subject Line: Thanks for your order!

This subject line definitely caught our attention. Our first thought was “Wait! when did we order something?!” Completely forgetting what day it was, this was a smart way to not only entice to open the email but a fun way of incorporating a future receipt with savings.

Social Print Studio

Subject Line: Strategic Business Merger Yields Epic New Product Line

Social Print Studio is doing big things! A merger between their company and the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company was all anyone could talk about. They are now including a wide product line of PowerPoint printing, stock photos (which the email is full of), office stress balls and giant checks! In case you don’t know, the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is a fictional company portrayed in the TV series, The Office.  This is a well-played email incorporating humor and fun.



Subject Line: Owls + Blimps = Marketing Success

If you’re familiar with Marketo, you will have heard of their definitive guides for digital marketing tactics. On April 1st, they provided a very helpful interesting guide to sky-based marketing. Forget digital, carrier pigeons is the way to go! This was very well executed and includes a fun  for more information. Well done Marketo!

Playing a prank in the inbox can be a great way to encourage engagement from your readers, but remember: the best jokes are lighthearted and inclusive. If you’d like to grow and engage your audience at scale for April Fool’s day and beyond, we can help you drive more impact from your emails. And that’s no joke. Request a demo today.

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