Benefits Of Tying Knowledge Management To Your Project Portfolio Management Solution

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Upland Admin

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) has become a critical practice to organizations trying to provide a good return on their project investment. Only a small number of organizations attempting to implement a PPM solution or sustain the solution have been successful because of the lack of adoption of the solution by end users and the need for constant support and training.

Having an interactive knowledge management solution protects the PPM investment companies have made by providing expertise and answers to their end users on an as-needed basis, lowering the barriers to adoption by end users and allowing the company to realize a real return on their PPM investment. The knowledge management solution also helps to increase the maturity of the organization and the skills of their end users.

Upland Software’s RightAnswers is a knowledge management solution providing more than just knowledge capture, it provides the right information to people when they need it and in ways they can best make use of it. RightAnswers can become an integral part of any other application to provide real-time answers.

Check out our PMO Toolkit to learn how you can support knowledge management by supercharging your Project Management Office.

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