Common Elements Of Successful Knowledge Management Systems

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Upland Admin

Knowledge management systems consistently yielding the most effective results for their organizations typically have a few factors in common. The systems incorporate both documented knowledge and the wisdom housed exclusively in the minds and practices of experienced employees. They also present the information in formats matching user preferences.

  • Solutions need to provide the ability for authors to create and modify knowledge articles and personalize the knowledge for end users.
  • Solutions provide knowledge management information to end users in various ways including decision trees, step-by-step checklists, multi-step solutions, and multi-media solutions.
  • Multi-lingual solutions are needed as companies spread out across the globe
  • Solutions should be able to capture and provide the knowledge and expertise of retiring employees through documentation, video and audio recordings, one-on-one interviews, and succession-focused mentoring.
  • The solutions need to provide the ability to continuously upgrade information and share answers to new situations.

Upland Software’s RightAnswers is a knowledge management solution providing more than just knowledge capture, it provides the right information to people when they need it and in ways they can best make use of it. RightAnswers can become an integral part of any other application to provide real-time answers.

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