Introducing PowerSteering 2019R1.1

2 minute read

Upland Admin

We are pleased to announce the latest release to PowerSteering. Continuing the momentum to redesign the user experience and user interface, the team has also worked hard to introduce new functionality responding to the needs of our customers. The 2019R1.1 release includes new measure views and added permissions for Upland Analytics, added tag and custom fields associations for the Metrics Worksheets, and updated Status Reports functionality.

The latest features will provide users with optimal visibility on their data and performance, more options to control specific functions, and greater flexibility to organize, sort, filter, and view financial data and other key information.

Learn how this latest release makes it easier to structure your portfolio, work with your data and visualize the results.

If you’re an existing PowerSteering customer:

  • Watch the 2019R1.1 release webinar
  • Log in to the PowerSteering community to see the release notes or ask a question directly to the support team
  • To request access to Upland Analytics, please submit a support ticket and reach out to your Customer Success Manager

If you’re new to PowerSteering, and want to learn more, request a personalized demo and we’ll show you how PowerSteering can help you manage ideation, strategic alignment, resource utilization, project execution and strategic analysis.

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