What Is Knowledge Management?

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Upland Admin

Knowledge relates to all the capital owned by people and staff of a company such as expertise, lessons learned, competencies, experiences, etc. Knowledge management helps companies turn human capital into intellectual capital by capturing this information.

Another focus of Knowledge Management is increasing the skills and expertise of your people and aiding in the user adoption of purchased applications by sharing this knowledge when it is needed. Knowledge management connects your workforce to expertise and should provide more than just a service where you can look things up. It should provide contextual information based on where your cursor is pointing at the time.

The ability to quickly reference information from a subject matter expert and get the answer to a question or assistance in solving a problem is a priority in knowledge management.

Knowledge management prevents companies from constantly having to hunt for information or start from scratch at times when we have a decreasing supply of talent, the retiring boomers, staff turnover, etc.

Upland Software’s RightAnswers is a knowledge management solution providing more than just knowledge capture, it provides the right information to people when they need it and in ways they can best make use of it. RightAnswers can become an integral part of any other application to provide real-time answers.

Check out our PMO Toolkit to learn how you can support knowledge management by supercharging your Project Management Office.

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