Today’s organizations need more than spreadsheets and basic project management software

For years, projects have been “managed” – in spreadsheets, different systems, and during endless meetings. The world moves faster now. Your team needs a tool that can help them stay ahead. Bring strategy, planning, and execution together with Upland Software’s Project Portfolio Management solutions. Track progress. Measure the impact. Celebrate success. Let’s get to work!

Get complete visibility across your entire project portfolio.

Managing projects is tricky business. There’s work to do now and a never-ending flow of incoming projects. And the cycle of managing projects just keeps going and going.

Despite the endless options out there to help you get organized and check off to-do lists, the cycle never seems to stop.

Eventually, everything blend together. Days. Weeks. Months. Projects. Reports.

At the same time, organizations have to push forward. There’s a strategy to execute and goals to reach.

How do you know if people are focused on the right things?

It’s difficult to answer that question when you don’t have the right tools to connect strategy and execution.

There’s a better way to accomplish work together.

Project managers and PMO leaders need to connect strategy and execution so they can:

  • Bring team members together to collaborate and work cross-functionally with others.
  • Manage resource capacity against demand across departments.
  • Closely monitor financials and risk reports for individual projects and the entire portfolio.
  • Define business processes to keep teams focused on key objectives.
  • Get complete transparency and visibility into what’s working and what isn’t to make quick adjustments.

Pick the right PPM solution for you

Quick to learn. Better project performance. Meaningful results.

Eclipse PPM enables your workforce to collaborate and complete projects without cluttering their inbox or relying on multiple systems and spreadsheets.

  • Get started quickly with pre-built templates and manage all your projects in one system.
  • Capture status updates, resource utilization, and budget information at the project, program or portfolio level.
  • Integrate with popular collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Workforce to chat and share files for projects.

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Configure your way. Execute with agility. Supercharge growth.

PowerSteering supports unique go-to-market strategies and business transformation initiatives from ideation to execution across your organization.

  • Completely configure your portfolio delivery framework and reporting dashboards.
  • Centralize data from any source to forecast and track project costs, including CapEx and OpEx.
  • Track key milestones for every department to see your strategy come to life.

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A global manufacturer of specialized polymer materials, services, and solutions reduced operating expenses by 70%.


Better visibility and resource management improved customer satisfaction to 97% for IT projects at Georgia State University.


Customers across all industries have realized $500 million and more in tracked cost savings.

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