RFP Automation Software & Proposal Automation Software in a Unified, Enterprise-Grade Solution

  • RFPs, RFIs & RFx

    Get out from under deadlines. Focus on quality and bid more.

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  • Sales Proposals

    Create client-focused sales proposals that win.

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  • Security Questionnaires

    Support compliance and reduce risk by always using the latest approved content.

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  • Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ)

    Create DDQ responses in minutes by reusing trusted, approved content.

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  • Presentations & Proposal Presentations

    Help your sales team with pitch-perfect presentations.

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  • Statement of Work (SOW)

    Strengthen client confidence with professional statements of work.

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Tight timelines complicate the effort to build client-focused documents. Every minute spent hunting down the “right” content, chasing down answers or awaiting approvals is a minute you’re not creating the most persuasive and strategic RFP response or RFx response.

Get out from under deadlines, focus on quality and bid more.

  • Qvidian searches your content library to recommend the most relevant answer
  • Intelligent workflows speed SME reviews, approvals and notifications
  • Corresponding documents help automatically complete RFP responses
  • Analytics allow a granular view of the progress of every project

Sales Proposal Automation

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Creating a persuasive sales proposal means tailoring every answer to every client’s every need. Getting that done, without reinventing the wheel every time, is about intelligent automation and a flexible, accessible content library.

Create winning client-focused proposals. 

  • Personalize, localize and customize content
  • CRM integration informs outreach with client insights
  • Integrate with CRM to inform outreach with client insights
  • Be confident your team delivers quality proposals with best-in-class content

Security Questionnaires

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As security concerns loom larger, the volume of questionnaires has increased dramatically. Getting it right means all the difference. These responses can make or break a deal.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk with current, approved content.

  • Manage security content library
  • Leverage critical content for all questionnaires
  • Stimulate collaboration with technical, information security, and product teams through intelligent workflows
  • Make it easy for your SMEs to employ a dedicated workspace

Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ)

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For financial services firms, DDQs are a fact of life, whether it be firm-only DDQs, DDQs for specific products or funds, or DDQ documents that are tailored and customized for individual clients or partners, firms have to maintain these documents on a monthly and quarterly basis. Quickly create DDQs and be confident your content is current and approved.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk with current, approved content.

  • Manage a centralized content library
  • Leverage critical content for all questionnaires
  • Use reference links for easy content search
  • Create professionally branded DDQ templates


Simplify professional presentations

Create professionally branded sales presentations, fully compatible with MS PowerPoint. Store and manage slide decks within the content library to ensure brand compliance, easily update product specifics and better control the message.

Help your sales team with pitch perfect presentations.

  • Create and manage a library of branded, approved sales presentations
  • Maintain content integrity and compatibility with PowerPoint
  • Ease the burden of updates and simplify compliance
  • Control the message and design

Statement of Work (SOW)

Where the rubber meets the road

A complete and correct SOW is the foundation of every proposal and is key to ensuring manageability for the contractor and satisfaction for the client. Wide-ranging expertise is required to complete these complex documents and revenue hangs in the balance.

Make your audience confident you can do the job.

  • More accurately specify workloads
  • Centralize these assets to avoid duplication and speed completion
  • Instill confidence in your audience with detailed scopes
  • Ensure profitability through planning

See the power of award-winning proposal automation software in action.