Success Story

Rehmann creates proposals 20% faster and sees a rapid ROI after selecting Qvidian.

Using Qvidian, Rehmann built a consistent and accurate proposal system that helped them better serve their customers with their flag-ship financial advising.

Rehmann, one of the top 40 largest financial services firms in the U.S., prepares more than 400 proposals annually. Before discovering and deploying Qvidian, Rehmann struggled to unify its proposal processes. Proposals were office-specific and did not always reflect corporate branding standards. This left high-value business advisers preparing their own proposals, instead of focusing on business-critical activities.

Rehmann needed a way to build consistency, accuracy, and speed into its proposal process.

The company considered using Microsoft Word because the team was familiar with the application. After rigorous testing, however, Rehmann determined Microsoft Word alone could not meet their needs.

With Qvidian, Rehmann built accurate proposals rapidly while decreasing labor costs.

Overall, we spend about 20% less time on proposals. However, our Business Advisors spend about 54% less time— an ROI that far exceeds the annual cost for the software.
– Cheri Reid, Proposal Manager, Rehmann

Since implementing Qvidian, Rehmann has reaped sizable benefits by creating a central repository of approved content categorized by target industry and service offering. “By leveraging Word, Qvidian delivers an approach that ensures accountability, powerful searching, and the ability to establish approved proposal templates.” Rehmann can create solid first drafts in less than 15 minutes and then personalize its proposals to focus on each customer’s unique needs with targeted and compelling messaging.

Now, a business adviser can recommend what content types to use in a proposal in less than five minutes by filling out a brief checklist. Armed with a completed checklist, Rehmann’s admins then surface the most relevant information for the opportunity from their Qvidian library and insert it into an approved, industry-specific proposal template.

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