It’s Time to Stop Losing Great RFP Answers & Proposal Content

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Team Qvidian

You’re in the RFP-completion zone, pulling in content from the library and feeling good about meeting your deadline, when suddenly, you can’t find the answer to a question. Déjà vu strikes. Last month, you were stumped by an almost identical question in a different RFP. So, you sourced the answer from subject matter experts (SMEs) and guided it through approvals. But where is that answer now?

Even if you could re-write the answer from memory, since it’s not in the approved library, you’d still have to send it for reviews by the same SMEs as last time, contact the same compliance officer, and ask the same executive for approval—wasting time and tying up resources.

This is a scenario that the team at Qvidian kept hearing from customers. That’s why, in our recent Winter Release, we introduced the ability for project owners to submit new answers for library consideration directly from RFP projects.

Content managers can view all RFP submissions from a single screen. From there, they can combine, “genericize,” and send the content for further reviews, as needed, before adding the content to the library for future use.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Stop Losing Great Content

Before, because proposal teams are laser-focused on finishing the RFP at hand, it was easy for them to create quality, new content for a specific RFP, and then simply forget this content after submitting the project. Now, project owners can submit new RFP content for consideration as part of their normal work process, so it’s captured in the library for use in future RFP projects.

Reduce Work Duplication

When you reach out to SMEs to help create new RFP answers, you can capture their insight in the library the first time. This way, proposal teams don’t have to repeatedly ask SMEs to provide similar content for different RFP projects. Also, teams working on different RFPs can stop asking legal, compliance, and executives to review and approve similar content, because content managers can add new RFP content in the library the first time it’s approved.

Up-To-Date Content Library

Rather than just waiting for content to expire, or having to launch a full content audit, with this enhancement, content managers can proactively add the latest content to the library as it’s submitted from RFPs. Everyone benefits from having a current and thorough content library.

How Does This Work Anyway?

Submitting new content from RFP projects, and then reviewing and approving this new content, is simple. We can boil the process down to three steps for project owners and content managers…

Submitting New RFP Content as a Project Owner

       Step 1: Add a new piece of content to an RFP project

       Step 2: Select the new content, and then click “Submit to Library”

       Step 3: Identify the content manager, and then click “Submit”

This is where the content manager comes in…

Reviewing New RFP Content as a Content Manager

       Step 1: Go to “Manage Review Jobs” to see all submitted RFP content

       Step 2: Modify, “genericize,” and combine content as needed

       Step 3: Approve content that’s ready for the library; reject content that isn’t

Now, you’re done. Your quality, new RFP content is captured in the library.

How Do I Find Out More?

If you’re not already a Qvidian customer, please contact us at 1-800-272-0047 to learn more about this enhancement and everything that Qvidian RFP and proposal automation can do to make your life easier and help you win more.

If you’re an existing customer, you can go to the Winter Release page in the Qvidian Community to view an overview demo of this enhancement, or visit the Qvidian Help Center to access a detailed guide.

Don’t you agree that it’s time to stop losing your great RFP answers and proposal content?

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