Keeping it Simple: New Qvidian Release Streamlines Workflow & Compliance

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Jessie Barth

Attention proposal and sales teams: we’re about to make your lives a whole lot easier.

RFPs and questionnaires are getting longer and more complex, and they’re coming in more frequently than ever. None of this is a bad thing by itself, but it does mean you need to figure out how to be more efficient without sacrificing quality—or your sanity! It’s a tall order, but Qvidian’s mission is to help make that goal a reality. In fact, our cloud-based RFP and proposal automation software is already helping more than 1,000 companies and 200,000 users improve productivity and create more effective sales documents.

But there’s always room to do more, and do it better, right? That’s why we’ve expanded our integrations with Microsoft Office and Salesforce to Qvidian Projects. Now, you can complete responses to RFPs, security and due-diligence questionnaires, and other projects faster and more intuitively. We’ve also boosted content review reporting to automate building audit trails. This is particularly helpful if you work in a regulated industry with rigorous compliance requirements. Let’s take a closer look at these enhancements…

  • Office Integration for Projects: The days of downloading content for editing, saving it to your desktop, and then browsing to re-upload it back into your Qvidian Project are over (sigh of relief!). With this integration, you can now edit content in projects directly in either Office or Office Online, with all your changes synced back to Qvidian automatically. Because this is a true integration, no add-ins or downloading/uploading are required! What’s more, if you use Office 365, you can edit the same piece of content online with others in real-time. If you work on a fast-moving team that spans multiple offices, this can increase collaboration dramatically, helping you finish more projects in less time.
  • Salesforce Integration for Projects: If you’re like most salespeople, you probably spend a ton of time looking at Salesforce dashboards. You’re in there anyway, so we want to help simplify your work processes. Now you can initiate new Qvidian Projects directly from Salesforce opportunities and link existing projects to opportunities. Also, data from Salesforce fields can now flow into Qvidian Projects and analytics automatically. With this linking, you can put an end to fears of simple, but devastating mistakes, like spelling a prospect’s name wrong in a project. Also—while we both know you’re great at what you do—pulling more data into Qvidian’s analytics will only help you make even smarter, more informed decisions.
  • Enhanced Content Review Reporting: Staying compliant doesn’t have to be a chore, and surprise audits shouldn’t be terrifying. To help you out with both, we’ve boosted tracking and reporting for content reviews in Qvidian. Now, it’s easy to pull a detailed report of when content was reviewed, who completed the reviews, and when the content was ultimately approved or rejected. Content review audit trails build themselves automatically, and it’s simple to access the version of a content record that shows all the changes that were made during its review. Suddenly, compliance standards are looking a lot less intimidating!

Our customers are already seeing benefits from these enhancements. Mila Lynne, a Qvidian administrator at an educational services company, had this to say, “With Office integration for Qvidian Projects, my team can add and update answers to our RFP responses quickly and simply. Our specific formatting is maintained, and this new workflow has fewer steps, saving us critical time.”

“Completing RFPs, security questionnaires, and due diligence questionnaires quickly and accurately is critical to winning new business—and enterprises are increasingly turning to automation to free up their teams to focus on creating the best documents they can,” said Sean Nathaniel, CTO and SVP of Workflow Automation Solutions at Upland Software. “We evolve with our customers’ needs to help them take advantage of the latest, leading technologies. We will never stop working to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.”

Let us help take some of these complex, time-consuming processes off your plate. Current Qvidian customers can find more information in the Upland Qvidian Community. If you’re new to Qvidian and would like more details about these exciting enhancements, please check out our public release overview page, or request a demo to explore all the ways Qvidian can help simplify your life.

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